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On Diwali, the festival of lights, as the lamps are lit, the TARPA is used to summon young couples in the village to dance in a ring. (TARPA is a long bulbous musical instrument made from dried gourd) Dancing in a circle around the tarpa player-it is life seen as a celebration of human endeavors. It is a breathtaking round of swinging, swirling movement- a merry-go-round of light and sound festivity. There is an atmosphere of lush celebration around the central theme.

Animals consist of two sharply formed triangles. The horse with the rider, especially, is fully etched out, sharp and confident in its angularity. The emergence of huts, animals, humans, show signs of domestication. That they are engaged in activity, suggest a primitive level of development.
11 Sep 2019 10:28 am
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Ganesha is a revered Hindu God whose iconic representations have shown maximum variations. In the earliest depictions he was only worshiped as an elephant but with the passing of time the statues have evolved considerably. The structure of Lord Ganesha that we see at present is with the head of an elephant and a large round belly. You will also find Ganesha statues generally with four arms. However, when you decide to buy them online, you might come across some of his modern depictions with two to even sixteen arms.

Most of the people are extremely fond of Lord Ganesha as it is said that every good work starts by worshiping him. Every Hindu household has a special corner adorned with many deities. However, the elephant headed Lord Ganesha draws first attention as the statues exude childlike innocence. With a soft demeanour and mischief in the eyes, Ganesha is perhaps the most revered Hindu God since time immemorial. Moreover, there are a number of households that worship Ganesha as a Lord of Fortune. They worship him so that they can get good profit in their business.

If you take a close look at his four armed statues, you will see him holding his own broken tusk in his lower right hand. In his lower left hand, there is a Ladoo, a sugary delicacy which he tastes with his trunk. In the upper right hand you will find an axe or goad and a noose in the upper left hand. But, when you come across the modern online variations then you might find the lower right hand without any broken tusk. In place of that you will find the hand turned towards the viewer assuring protection and fearlessness which is also known as Abhaya Mudra. Apart from these statues, if you find a Ganesha statue with 10-16 arms then you will see that each arm is carrying different items like water lily, discus, bowl of sweets, musical instrument, rosary, spear and many more.

Everything that you find in his hand will depend on the specific symbols that the artist intends to depict.
You will find a number of online stores that offer Ganesha sculptures and statues (). But, you must prefer visiting a store that will offer you different varieties of products under the same roof. You must have a range of options to choose from when you go to buy a Ganesha statue through online shopping . After you decide to buy a statue, you must also remember to consider the quality and price of the given item before buying it. When everything matches your requirements, place your order to buy the statue online. If it is meant for someone, you can also put their address in the delivery section so that the gift directly reaches the person intended to receive it. By doing this you will also be able to save your time of going there and giving the gift by your own.

Many a times, buyers are also attracted towards a particular product for which they place their order to buy them immediately. Moreover, if they decide to buy Lord Ganesha sculptures and statues online, they are likely to grab a fair deal. However, if they decide to buy an exclusive piece such as a unique wall hanging or a Ganesha painting from some retail store, it might cost them a huge sum of money. So, it’s always better that they try to buy these items from the reputable online stores which won’t require spending those huge sums.
27 Jul 2019 01:11 pm
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